Where does the Hair for Extensions and Wigs come from?

Virgin HairExtensions and wigs are among the top products in the hair industry. There are Remy hair, 100% human hair Extensions and wigs, wigs and extensions made of Virgin hair, and many more.

Yes, we all knew that... but, do you know where that hair comes from?

Long story short, most human hair sources are located in Asia. Local residents sell their hair to growers, who in turn hand it to be graded and processed, with the exception of the virgin hair, which is completely not processed. 

Remy hair is cut directly from the head of the donor, and this hair could come from any country, although most source countries are located in Asia.

In the case of the Indian hair, it comes mainly from donations to temples, where men and women alike donate it as a way to build karma and to support the temples. The money the temples make of the sale of the hair goes to support the temple itself and the community, to schools, hospitals and roads.

Other sources of high quality hair are China and other asian countries. These hair has a very distinctive texture and tends to remain straight even after processing and styling.

Human hair can also be obtained from Brazil, Peru, Malaysia and some eastern European countries. The different hair textures can be blended and processed to produce the most popular look.

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