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The VIP Extensions RineX System is made of the finest Remy 100% human hair!

RineX extensions were developed for short term wear and if handled with care they may be worn over and over.
RineX extensions can be cut and styled, attached by the client, removed, and stored for the next occasion. These extensions should be stored flat, in the same condition as they were packaged.

Quick Overview

Type: RineX Hair Extensions

Fiber: 100% Remy Human Hair

70g Full Head Set

Length: 18 Inches

Texture: Straight - Silky Straight

Qty: 1 Set

Contents: 10 sheets of 10 Strands - 100 Total Strands

Approximate Number of Strands Required:

Highlights 50 strands Provides highlights and color effects without chemicals.
1/4 Head
25 - 75 strands
Gives volume to the hair at the back of the neck/head.
1/2 Head
75 - 125 strands
Lengthening at the back of the head and sides, creates
volume, adds highlights and color effects.
3/4 Head
125 - 175 strands
Lengthening everything, except the top (crown) of the
Full Head
175 - 300 strands
Depending on the density of your client's hair and the
desired length and volume.

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