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Pallet # 89 - LOT of Hair - assorted styles and colors

Regular price $10,400.00 USD
Regular price Sale price $10,400.00 USD
KKBABSTR-1 Kanekalon Baby String Color 1 (Jet Black)
KKBABSTR-1B Kanekalon Baby String Color 1B (Off Black)
KKBABSTR-T1B/350 Kanekalon Baby String Color T1B/350
KKDELUXESTR-1B Kanekalon Deluxe String (14'-28.5') Color 1B (Off Black)
KKDELUXESTR-2 Kanekalon Deluxe String (14'-28.5') Color 2 (Dark Brown)
KKDELUXESTR-4 Kanekalon Deluxe String (14'-28.5') Color 4 (Medium Brown)
KKMRSTR-1 Kanekalon Marley String Color 1 (Jet Black)
KKMRSTR-1B Kanekalon Marley String Color 1B (Off Black)
KKQUEEN-T1B/27 Kanekalon Queen String Color T1B/27