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Pallet # 202 - Lot of Hair - variety of styles and colors

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1 KKDCSTR-2 Kanekalon D.C. String Color 2 (Dark Brown)
3 KKDCSTR-4 Kanekalon D.C. String Color 4 (Medium Brown)
3 KKDCSTR-T1B/BURG Kanekalon D.C. String Color T1B/Burgundy
24 KKDCSTR-T1B/RED Kanekalon D.C. String Color T1B/Red
1 KKDEEPCSTR-1B Kanekalon Deep Curl String Color 1B (Off Black)
50 KKDELUXESTR-L30 Kanekalon Deluxe String (14'-28.5') Color 30 (Light Auburn)
42 KKDELUXESTR-L33 Kanekalon Deluxe String (14'-28.5') Color 33 (Dark Auburn)
8 KKDELUXESTR-M99J Kanekalon Deluxe String (14'-28.5') Color M99J
44 KKDELUXESTR-S613 Kanekalon Deluxe String (14'-28.5') Color 613 (Pre-Bleached White)
2 KKDIVA-L30 Kanekelon Diva Color 30 (Light Auburn)
5 KKDIVA-L33 Kanekelon Diva Color 33 (Dark Auburn)
8 KKDIVA-M30/144 Kanekelon Diva Color M30/144
1 KKDIVA-T1B/33 Kanekelon Diva Color T1B/33
18 KKDIVASTR-2 Kanekalon Diva String Color 2 (Dark Brown)
60 KKDIVASTR-T1B/350 Kanekalon Diva String Color T1B/350
23 KKDOMESTR-T1B/30 Kanekalon Dome String Color T1B/30
15 KKDOMESTR-T1B/350 Kanekalon Dome String Color T1B/350
2 KKDOMESTR-T1B/BURG Kanekalon Dome String Color T1B/Burg
6 KKDOVE-L30 Kanekalon Dove Color 30 (Light Auburn)
1 KKDOVE-S130 Kanekalon Dove Color 130
37 KKDOVE-S613 Kanekalon Dove Color 613 (Pre-Bleached White)
3 KKDOVE-SBURG Kanekalon Dove Color Burgundy
1 KKDZZ-4 Kanekalon Deep Zizi String Color 4 (Medium Brown)
50 KKDZZ-M99J Kanekalon Deep Zizi String Color M99J
8 KKDZZ-T1B/30 Kanekalon Deep Zizi String Color T1B/30
8 KKDZZ-T1B/350 Kanekalon Deep Zizi String Color T1B/350
50 KKDZZ-T1B/BURG Kanekalon Deep Zizi String Color T1B/Burgundy
3 KKDZZ-T1B/BURG Kanekalon Deep Zizi String Color T1B/Burgundy
1 KKFABSTR-1 Kanekalon Fabulous String Color 1 (Jet Black)
1 KKFABSTR-1B Kanekalon Fabulous String Color 1B (Off Black)
1 KKFABSTR-2 Kanekalon Fabulous String Color 2 (Dark Brown)
1 KKFABSTR-P1B/30 Kanekalon Fabulous String Color P1B/30
1 KKFLARESTR-P1B/33 Kanekalon Flare String Color P1B/33
1 KKFLARESTR-P1B/350 Kanekalon Flare String Color P1B/350
1 KKFLIP-1 Kanekalon Flip String Color 1 (Jet Black)
2 KKFLIP-4 Kanekalon Flip String Color 4 (Medium Brown)
7 KKFLIP-T1B/33 Kanekalon Flip String Color T1B/33
20 KKFLIP-T1B/RED Kanekalon Flip String Color T1B/Red
10 KKFOXYS-2 Kanekalon Foxy String Color 2 (Dark Brown)
1 KKFOXYS-2 Kanekalon Foxy String Color 2 (Dark Brown)
1 KKFOXYS-4 Kanekalon Foxy String Color 4 (Medium Brown)
90 KKFOXYS-L27 Kanekalon Foxy String Color 27 (Strawberry Blonde)
73 KKFOXYS-L30 Kanekalon Foxy String Color 30 (Light Auburn)
1 KKFOXYS-L33 Kanekalon Foxy String Color 33 (Dark Auburn)
19 KKGEMSTR-P1B/30 Kanekalon Gem String Color P1B/30
18 KKGEMSTR-P1B/350 Kanekalon Gem String Color P1B/350
13 KKHON-M99J Kanekelon Honey String Color M99J
3 KKHON-P1B/30 Kanekelon Honey String Color P1B/30
12 KKHON-P1B/33 Kanekelon Honey String Color P1B/33
12 KKHON-T1B/BURG Kanekelon Honey String Color T1B/Burgundy
1 KKJPSTRA-T1B/BURG Kanekalon Japan String 'A' Color T1B/Burg