Pallet # 124 - Lot of Wigs, variety of styles 328 PIECES WIG DIANA, FAITH, ETC

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1 WAYA-BURG Unique's Aya WigBURG - Burgundy
5 WDANG-FT4/350 Wig Dangerous Color FT4/350
7 WDANG-P1B/27 Wig Dangerous Color P1B/27
12 WDANG-P99J/130 Wig Dangerous Color P99J/130
2 WDIANA-P1B/33 Wig Diana Color P1B/33
4 WDIANA-P1B/BURG Wig Diana Color P1B/Burgundy
24 WDIANA-P33/144 Wig Diana Color P33/144
13 WDIANA-P99J/130 Wig Diana Color P99J/130
1 WFAITH-L30 Wig Faith Color 30 (Light Auburn)
16 WFAITH-L33 Wig Faith Color 33 (Dark Auburn)
5 WFAITH-P1B/30 Wig Faith Color P1B/30
5 WFAITH-S613 Wig Faith Color 613 (Pre-Bleached White)
1 WFAITH-S613 Wig Faith Color 613 (Pre-Bleached White)
5 WGABY-1 Wig Gaby Color 1 (Jet Black)
1 WGIANNA-4 Wig Gianna Color 4 (Medium Brown)
1 WGIANNA-P1B/350 Wig Gianna Color P1B/350
4 WGIANNA-P1B/BURG Wig Gianna Color P1B/BURG
22 WGRACE-F1B/27 Wig Grace Color F1B/27
3 WGRACE-F1B/30 Wig Grace Color F1B/30
15 WGRACE-F1B/33 Wig Grace Color F1B/33
20 WGRACE-F1B/350 Wig Grace Color F1B/350
14 WGRACE-F1B/BURG Wig Grace Color F1B/BURG
9 WGRACE-F27/613 Wig Grace Color F27/613
15 WGRACE-F27/613 Wig Grace Color F27/613
6 WGRACE-F27/613 Wig Grace Color F27/613
6 WGRACE-F27/613 Wig Grace Color F27/613
5 WHEATHER-P1B/27 Wig Heather Color P1B/27
7 WHEATHER-P1B/27 Wig Heather Color P1B/27
9 WHEATHER-P1B/350 Wig Heather Color P1B/350
4 WHEATHER-P1B/BURG Wig Heather Color P1B/Burg
1 WIVY-2 Wig Ivy Color 2 (Dark Brown)
1 WIVY-4 Wig Ivy Color 4 (Medium Brown)
14 WIVY-F1B/27 Wig Ivy Color F1B/27
7 WIVY-F1B/BURG Wig Ivy Color F1B/BURG
2 WIVY-F27/613 Wig Ivy Color F27/613
41 WJADE-1 Wig Jade Color 1 (Jet Black)
14 WJAFRO-NPINK Wig Jumbo Afro Color PINK
1 WSASHA-FT4/350 Wig Sasha Color FT4/350
1 WSASHA-P1B/27 Wig Sasha Color P1B/27
1 WSASHA-P4/27 Wig Sasha Color P4/27
1 WSASHA-P99J/130 Wig Sasha Color P99J/130
1 WSOPHIA-P4/27 Wig Sophia Color P4/27
1 WSOPHIA-T1B/30 Wig Sophia Color T1B/30

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