FREE TIME by Raquel Welch


Free Time by Raquel Welch is a long, layered and glamorous head of hair! 


- 100% hand tied Sheer Indulgence® lace front

- 100% hand tied monofilament top

- MOSTLY hand tied cap; while they market this as a hand-tied product, our product samples clearly had tracks in the back. We'll call this one 66% hand-tied. ;)

- True2Life® heat-friendly synthetic fibers

- Average cap size with adjustable bands

Front: 10", Crown: 12", Sides: 12", Back: 12", Nape: 10"

- Weight:  

- Color Shown: RL29/25 Golden Russett


The ultimate experience in a longer length, Free Time by Raquel Welch is loaded with modern wave and movement. The Sheer Indulgence™ temple-to-temple, 100% hand tied lace front and monofilament top allows for off-the-face styling and varied parting options and the MOSTLY hand tied cap affords complete styling freedom and an unbelievably light feel. The softly waved top and sides seamlessly blend into tighter barrel waves at the perimeter, making this knockout look both glamorous and easily wearable at the same time. Suitable for Oval, Round, Square, Diamond, Heart, Pear & Oblong shaped faces.