Disposable Latex Finger Gloves (50 PCS)

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The Latex protective finger tip is a great tool that will protect your individual fingers and nails from chemicals and scratches.?˜

Medical grade, made from powder-free anti-static natural rubber latex.?˜

Covering any wounds on fingers, protect your finger from infection, mess,contamination.?˜

Can be used for electronic repair, painting, jewelry cleaning, crafting, and more.?˜


Medium size. 6cm / 2.36 long. Perimeter is 5 cm / 2 .?˜

Fit for: Beauty, Acne, Pedicure, Industrial Electronics, Medicine .?˜

Function: Anti slip, anti sweat, anti-static.

Disposable, Elastic , Non toxic, Safe and Multi-purpose.?˜

It can reduce static that widely use in industrial, such as electronic repair or electronic DIY.

Latex Rubber Finger Cots Ideal for burns, blisters, abrasions and cuts, protects finger wounds.

Protect your finger from glue, chemical, etc, is comfortable to use with elastic ring.?˜

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