Christie Brinkley Natural Fringe Clip-in Bang By HairUWear

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Natural Fringe Clip-in Bang by Christie Brinkley is a layered bang that changes your hairstyle in seconds. The Excelle Heat-Friendly fiber looks and feels just like your own hair and you can style it with your own hair. Flat iron it straight or add a wave.

The 3 pressure sensitive clips are comfortable and keep it securely in place. Trim it and style it combed forward or pushed the side.


  1. Part your hair down the center and tuck the sides behind your ear.
  2. Begin with the center clip and line it up with the end of your part.
  3. Secure the front clips and blend with your hair.


  • Heat-Friendly Synthetic Fiber
  • Clip In
  • 3 Pressure Sensitive Clips

Brand: Christie Brinkley by HairUWear
Product Type: Hairpiece
Product Weight: 0.75 oz
Hair Type: Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair

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