Microblading Needles Permanent Makeup Manual Eyebrow Blades

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About Products:
1. 100% grand new and superior quality.?˜
2. Perfectly used on eyebrow, eyeliner, lip makeup tattoo.?˜
3. Complying with international cosmetology and medical requirements.?˜
4. The tips are sharp, easy to color.?˜
5. Fit for all makeup tattoo pen.?˜

1.Sterilization with gamma rays, and ISO9002 and CE marked.?˜
2. Made of 316L medical grade stainless steel.?˜
3. It provides ultimate strength, precision and stability.?˜
4. They are individual sealed packed, more safe and clean.?˜
5. Tail needle is coarse and front needle is soft with resilience, easy to hold and operate.?˜
6. The needles have excellent stability.?˜

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